1. being.


  2. Into the clouds


  3. Love is never far

    Always in our hearts

    Sometimes hiding

    Sometimes clear


  4. To breathe another day in a dream such as this.


  5. The Western United States, Old Mexico, Arizona looking toward Utah. Home to the Cowboys, Native Americans, Mexicans, Mormons and now citizens of the United States.

    I love America because there is a place for all of us to be together, appreciate and love each other, and discover what brings us together, rather than what separates us. This is a land where I live, a land that I love, a land that inspires and enlightens those willing to open their eyes and listen to common sense and reason.


  6. juliafae:

    julia fae / ethan killian photography

    Searching forward


  7. Attachments


  8. Attachments


  9. Flowing Softly with Force


  10. Asserting, Demanding Love.


  11. Just fine right here.


  12. Amazed in foreign lands, amazed in America. Regina, SK.


  13. It’s about love silly.



  15. When only time will help